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Monto Branding

Monto Branding

Branding of online loan service

Branding of online loan service Monto

The client wanted to develop an online lending service, but he hadn't yet chosen the company's name for that moment. The main task was to increase retention and LTV rates to make sure the website customers will be coming back again and again.

We recommended contacting our partner to find the company's meaning. They've analyzed competitors to separate company from them both in colour scheme and communication to highlight with the bright design and semantic content. 

For example, they revealed that none of the companies had been using yellow colour in communication. The other fact was that loan services were primitively selling their services with phrases like “lend money for the beer and be happy” but not focusing on service, attention and care. And then Monto appeared — a friend who's always there for you.


When a communicative platform was ready, we began to work with branding. Of all variants, we have chosen bonds of connection. The idea of ​​the logo claims: everyone’s looking for someone to trust. And when you find the one who helps, it turns out to be Monto. The concept of friendship is determined by a symbol similar to a horseshoe. We have worked on various options: geometric, minimalist, old school, abstract forms. As a result, we have chosen a semicircle as a client’s connection with other people.

logo specifications

Branding just begins after the logo approval. It was essential to visualize the brand interaction with the audience via any media channels. How the client plans to present himself online, how he wants to advertise services and communicate with clients: banner network, subway advertising, online ads, flyers, etc.

We defined the client’s strategy, compiled a list of carriers and made a design code. Here, the client always can change advertising covers, but the visual identification of the brand remains unchanged. Under any conditions, you know you see Monto sign, not another lending service.


For the client’s convenience, we have created several motion-animations as an extra-bonus. It is easy to understand with them how the logo interacts with the environment.

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We have finished work on branding. And started to make a design for the lending service interfaces. But that’s another story…

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