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Here you could see a template text about branding and its importance for business. But let’s be honest. A brand is a set of investments in consumer’s opinion about your company. It appears by service, quality, advertising communications, technical support, price, appearance and other factors.

We can help with the correct brand visual. Create the character that the brand’s dad wants to convey to his audience. How do you see your logo? Strict and stable or friendly and innovative? We will help you create the necessary associations for the user and work out all the corporate identity elements, make a complete brand book and an application manual.

Stages of brand creation



The project begins when you fill the brief. Then we examine your product and analyze the consumer.


Mood Board

After collecting the information, we prepare a mood board to determine the style and motion vector.



Then the design team generates concepts of the future logo. The best of them, which will have passed the art director’s control, will be shown to the customer.


Final Logo Version

After approving the concept, we make the final version with a proprietary colour outline, pattern, fonts, and variants for different media types.


Corporate Identity Elements

Logo creating is only a part of the job. Now we need to apply its ideas to different media types. The most popular ones are business cards, social media profiles and templates, e-mail templates and advertising banners.


Brand Book

All corporate identity elements are collected in the new brand usage guide. It has a detailed description of how to use it correctly and what is strictly prohibited to do with the brand.


Quality control

Even after the project has been completed and the acceptance certificate signed, we do care about you. Periodically, we monitor whether a new brand is correctly used in real life.

Interesting statistics


weeks one project takes on average


persons working on project

up to 1

weeks to start


continue to work on website

You need to create a new branding if:
  • your logo is old and 'morally obsolete'
  • you cannot apply your brand to different media
  • the company’s strategy and values ​​have been updated, and branding continues to reflect old ideas
  • people don’t remember you and don’t distinguish from competitors
  • you had created a logo with the secretary ten years ago, the company has grown, but the logo has remained
You do not need the rebranding if:
  • you are not ready to invest time, money, ideas in a new visual
  • you don’t think about the originality and mission of the company
  • you do not want to participate in this process
  • you are not ready for the innovations

The branding Solar Digital developed excellently encapsulated the business's core beliefs. Their team was easy to work with and delivered clean code. Responsive to feedback, they easily configuring complex ideas into tangible solutions.

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