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The consumer has no time to read. Even this text will read very few people (unfortunately). Visitors are tired of millions of similar websites. Promo site will help you to attract your audience’s attention with creative features and focus on graphics. Instead of reading lots of dull texts, it will be quite enough to see and say 'WOW'!

Technologies are changing and you can create incredible things in the browser today. Augmented reality, webGL, website management from another device, video presentations, animation and graphical effects give unlimited possibilities for creativity and drawing the user’s attention.

Website creation stages


Consumer Research

The project starts with an immersion in your business. We examine you and analyze the consumer, collect content, determine the business goals of the website.


Mood Board

Based on the information collected, we optimize the content and prepare the board to determine the style and motion vector.



Then the team comes up with a creative idea and prepares a presentation of the design concept.



After the approval of the concept, we finalize the design of the site pages for the pc screen and smartphones.


Front-end and HTML coding

At this stage, the static picture of the design comes to life and is animated. We use modern technologies for this, as vue. js, tree. js, webGL and many others.



Alongside with the HTML coding, the content management system is being worked out with all the necessary integrations of third-party APIs. For example, applications sending to your CRM, referral program, newsletter subscription or precious facebook shares.


Testing and Improvements

Here the disparate parts of the project come together and show to you. You can make your comments, and together we put the cherry on the cake, giving the project a gloss of completeness.


Quality Control

Even after the project was completed and the acceptance certificate signed, we do care. We regularly monitor whether the new site is correctly used in real life and nothing is broken. For us, this is not just a reputation. It is a love of quality and detail.

Time has come to make a promotional website if:
  • you have a photogenic product, and you need to make it unforgettable
  • there is heavy competition in your field, and you need to separate yourself from the competitors
  • you have a new message to deliver to your audience. For example, about your social responsibility or hiring talents
  • you want to play around and win top international rewards
  • it’s time to come up with new brand communication.
You do not need to make a promotional website if:
  • you have a lot of text content. It’s better to continue working with it and to make a simpler site (of course, we can do it!)
  • you need a typical landing page. Don’t spend money on the developer and collect a template landing page on the website constructor
  • terms and budget are limited. A great promotional website requires a lot of funds and hours. If speed is critical and there is no budget, you have to simplify
  • you don’t like experiments and are not ready for bold decisions.

Interesting statistics


months project takes in average


persons working on project

up to 2

weeks to start the project


win international rewards

When my company decided to develop a new site I had to find a company that would perform the task. Among a few companies I chose Solar Digital. All people who have visited the site liked it a lot. Its design, structure, effects. They did it in 2 months that is really impressive. Welcome to our site Olir Resources. I highly recommend Solar. Now we have a few projects more.


Examples of promo websites we’ve created

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