Website design for

Buddha Pizza is an online luxury food delivery restaurant. The high quality ingredients, 59 mins delivery. For this company we created unique branding: stickers, box design and other elements of identity. For today we sliced and programmed the web site with other funny and creative elements.

Main screen

The platform for Buddha Pizza — the top of creativity and professional animations. The highest rate of usability in ordering a favorite pizza: we structurally worked on user interface and experience.

Product list

We worked on the best practices for every click. Filters allow user to choose ingredients and combine different tastes.

Product page

Here we placed all pizzas’ descriptions with opportunity to choose the pizza dough and to discover the excellence of the product.

Shopping cart and other pages

You can check the karma while ordering your pizza. We choose the special pizza, based on our esoteric knowledge.

Responsive layout

Choosing pizza may be a difficult process, but we simplified it with the help of friendly form on any mobile device.