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Our main expertise is in real estate management systems and real estate websites. We know how to reduce key points of headache and can help automate your business process and maximize your profit using modern digital solutions.

We are professionals in research & development, implementation, and lifetime improvements of different solutions for real estate industry.

What to expect from Solar’s real estate software outcome

Optimized Business Processes

Seeing the the workflow of corporate data from A to B makes processes of controlling and managing easier in all stages. Most tasks are automated. The communication between different parts/departments becomes more flexible.

Increased Efficiency

Planning, tracking, and scheduling processes combined into one real estate transaction management software. These features streamline and improve workflows and increase overall organizational efficiency.

Performance Evaluation

You no longer need to collect analytics from all departments to analyze and evaluate performance. The system will do it by itself. Thus, you can quickly find issues and resolve them.

Cut Costs

Optimized and controlled processes in real estate accounting software save you from unexpected payment delays.

What is Solar’s real estate system development workflow 

Briefing & Evaluation

We prioritize looking at business from different sides and diving deeply into processes. Solar experts analyze clients' briefs and take interviews (if needed) to identify the main pain points and advantages. Then we set goals and develop a timing roadmap. We pack it in a presentation and give it to the client’s evaluation.

Planning & Creating

As the roadmap is approved, it’s time to get down to business. We choose the proper type of work for each of our experts, make an onboarding, and start creating unique solutions.

Analysis & Testing

When the work is ready, the next important milestone is analyzing and checking the result due to the client’s needs. If we can quickly answer the question about how our solution solves the issues and show it, we test the system with the client and business-related people.

Solar’s complete real estate solution

*We are always willing to develop other custom software solutions that business needs 

Real Estate Management Software

Issues: since you work with large amounts of money and sensitive documents, your business needs maximum data security and money transfers, which ordinary software can’t guarantee. It’s hard to arrange and organize information that will be adjusted to the business needs. Constant problems with the documents, since you have to carry them physically. It’s challenging to communicate and schedule views of houses in ordinary messengers.

Solar Solutions: we’ll make property management software using modern technology that can help you protect your business from data breaches, cyber-attacks, fraudsters, etc. Our system will help you streamline and organize all the work in your business, allowing you to configure everything as required by your business processes. You’ll have a unified system in which you can store all relevant data and documents, manage resources, consider and prevent risks, schedule improvements, etc.

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