Branding and corporate identity for Ukrainian predial startup
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Branding and corporate identity for Ukrainian predial startup.

Branding and corporate identity for Ukrainian predial startup HOROS.Tech

HOROS.Tech is a startup that solves business problems using machine learning technologies for the agricultural and heavy industries. The HOROS team had won the logo and corporate identity creation at the pre-Christmas lottery in SOLAR Digital. Our mission is to help Ukrainian startups evolve. So we decided to run a competition and chose the most “useful” startup from all the applicants.

Logo concepts HOROS.Tech

We started with a search for competitors to see how other hi-tech companies appear. It turned out, most of the logos are font-styled, dull and outdated. HOROS. Tech team had the same fear: the logo will be similar to others because it is too hard to come up with something better. We took this as a challenge and proceeded to work. Our basis was: a startup from Ukraine, the name Khoros taken from the ancient fertility god and company’s machine learning drones gathering data on the ground. When you collect any data, you keep it on a physical carrier (flash drive or a sim card). That is how the microchip image appeared. We added some neon colours to it from the well-known 'The Matrix' movie.

HOROS.Tech brand logo
Corporate identity photo

The Solar team has created a logo and corporate identity for our grocery company, and this is not an easy task. They work with humour and enthusiasm. We're very grateful and glad to cooperate.

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