How to hire Vue.js developers
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How to effectively hire Vue.js developers

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Vue.js is a sought-after skill among front-end and full-stack developers due to its popularity as the fifth most-used open-source JavaScript framework. According to the 2023 Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Vue.js is the seventh most wanted framework by developers. More than 16% of those who currently use Vue.js and want to develop with it. Although Vue.js is a rapidly evolving framework with numerous benefits, it has yet to gain as much traction as more established frameworks. However, several popular apps and websites, such as Behance, GitLab, Statista have been built with Vue.js.

Demand for Vue.js developers is growing rapidly, with more than 27,300 job openings posted on LinkedIn in 2023. To meet this demand, companies are exploring outsourcing as an employment model. During the recession in 2024, the Vue.js developer job market is expected to undergo significant changes. Increased competition leads to lower rates, making it more affordable to find skilled developers. Additionally, a larger pool of candidates expedites the hiring process. The recession also drives demand for remote work, expanding the talent pool and opportunities for Vue.js developers. Hence, now is the best time to hire a Vue.js specialist.

In this article, we will provide a comprehensive guide on how to hire Vue.js developers who can deliver value for your investment.

Advantages of hiring Vue.js developers

The versatility of the Vue.js framework lies in its excellent suitability for creating single-page websites, applications, and user interfaces. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits it offers to businesses.

  • Improved performance. Vue.js is renowned for its exceptional ability to enhance product performance and optimize customer experience by significantly accelerating page rendering. With its advanced capabilities, Vue.js enables seamless integration into existing code bases, eliminating the need for complete rewrites. As a result, hiring Vue.js developers can quickly and effortlessly boost productivity, accelerate development processes, and reduce costs.
  • Seamless integration with APIs. Vue.js effortlessly integrates with various back-end services and third-party APIs, empowering developers to build modern web applications that can easily communicate with external systems. This flexibility allows businesses to scale their applications and adapt to changing requirements as needed.
  • Efficient development of single-page applications. Vue.js offers a powerful solution for creating single-page applications (SPAs) with robust user interfaces. Its component-based architecture facilitates the development of reusable components, streamlining the development process and enhancing maintainability. Vue Router, the official routing library for Vue.js, enables seamless navigation between components without the need to refresh the entire page, resulting in an improved user experience.
  • Accelerated time-to-market. With Vue.js, the development of minimum viable products (MVPs) is significantly faster compared to other frameworks. Vue.js provides a comprehensive set of functionalities and features, reducing the reliance on additional libraries. As a result, Vue.js specialists can expedite project deployment, save time, and optimize budgets by eliminating unnecessary expenses.
  • Community support. Being an open-source project, Vue.js benefits from a thriving community of developers who continuously contribute to its enhancement and expansion. This ensures that the framework remains up-to-date with the latest industry standards and best practices, offering businesses a reliable and future-proof solution for their web development needs.
  • Future growth and demand. The popularity and adoption of Vue.js are projected to continue growing in the coming years, making it a strategic choice for businesses aiming to maintain a competitive edge. By hiring Vue.js developers, companies can ensure that their projects leverage a modern and sought-after technology stack that aligns with current and future industry trends.
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Vue.js developer skills and responsibilities

Knowing what skills a professional Vue.js developer should have is crucial when hiring them. It is important to understand the relevant soft and hard skills, as well as their responsibilities, so let’s take a closer look.

Soft skills:

  • Timeliness and effective time management. Being punctual is a highly desirable trait in any candidate. Candidates who consistently arrive on time showcase their commitment to their job. However, simply being punctual is not enough. It is crucial for candidates to demonstrate excellent time management skills by completing assigned projects ahead of schedule. Recruiters can assess these skills by evaluating whether the candidate arrives on time and by assigning a small project with a specific deadline to Vue.js developers to assess their performance. Another aspect of time management is the ability to provide accurate estimates for project completion to clients. Only developers who possess a deep understanding of Vue.js can provide accurate estimates and prove their worth.
  • Collaboration and teamwork. Candidates who understand that their work is part of a larger collective effort are humble and not solely driven by personal recognition. They actively listen to feedback, propose alternative approaches, share knowledge with fellow Vue.js developers and team members, and take ownership of both their assigned projects and the overall team’s success.
  • Strong communication. Effective communication skills are essential not just during interviews and meetings, but also in conveying day-to-day tasks in a clear and understandable manner. Vue.js developers with good communication skills can comprehend client-suggested changes and clarify any issues they may encounter. Additionally, they encourage other developers to share their concerns and actively contribute to improving the team’s overall understanding.

Hard skills:

  • JavaScript and its core concepts. Proficiency in JavaScript is crucial for Vue.js developers as it enables them to write efficient and readable code. This is especially important because Vue.js relies on dynamic data rather than static content. With JavaScript constantly evolving, developers must stay updated with the latest features and enhancements. Assessing candidates on their understanding of JavaScript can include questions on fundamental concepts, as well as exploring their knowledge of newer features such as template literals and object deconstructing.
  • Mastery of CSS and HTML. A solid understanding of CSS is essential for Vue.js developers, as it defines the visual presentation of HTML documents used in web development. HTML and CSS, alongside JavaScript, form the foundation of single-file components commonly employed in Vue.js applications. Competency in HTML and CSS ensures that developers can effectively display elements on web pages and applications.
  • Expertise in Vue CLI. Knowledge of Vue CLI is essential for developers as it provides a streamlined approach to front-end build processes and allows for easy customization. Vue.js developers can leverage Vue CLI to access powerful default configurations and create custom presets and plugins.
  • Proficiency in using GitHub. Vue.js developers rely on GitHub for version control, allowing them to manage code changes and collaborate with other developers. Familiarity with using GitHub is a valuable technical skill that candidates should possess, as it showcases their ability to work within a collaborative development environment.
  • Familiarity with Vuex and Vue Router. Candidates interviewing for Vue.js developer positions should be familiar with Vuex and Vue Router. Vuex serves as a state management library, enabling centralized storage of application components. It provides features like state snapshot import/export and time-travel debugging. On the other hand, Vue Router facilitates seamless navigation within Vue.js applications, handling URL synchronization with views and managing routing functionality.


In addition to skills, Vue.js developers also have responsibilities, and their fulfillment depends on their level of knowledge.

  • Junior Vue.js developers are just starting their careers and often perform basic tasks assigned to them by a manager. They need a mentor to review their work and are better suited for simple tasks.
  • Mid-level Vue.js developers can start a project from scratch and solve problems related to that project. They do not require a mentor.
  • Senior Vue.js developers are capable of creating, configuring, and fully deploying a project from scratch. This level of expertise is sufficient for a developer to lead a team, design the project’s architecture, provide consultation on the technology stack, and implement solutions.

How much does it cost to hire a Vue.js developer?

Many companies hiring developers for their business consider hiring in different countries because the rates vary. Depending on the region, there are significant differences in developers' salaries at an international level. Let’s consider the factors behind these differences.

Countries with lower incomes, such as Eastern Europe, are among the most popular for hiring developers. In high-paying countries like Germany, the United Kingdom, and the United States, the demand is lower due to their more expensive tax systems. Even if the salary of a developer in Ukraine or Poland is not significantly different from a similar candidate in Germany or England, overall enterprise expenses are usually lower due to taxes and pension requirements.

The hourly rate for a mid-level Vue.js developer in different countries is as follows: USA $85-$95; Canada $75-$85; United Kingdom $80-$90; Germany $65-$70; Ukraine $35-$55.

Moreover, if you consider hiring a Vue.js development outsourcing company, your business can save significantly because the company’s team already consists of developers of different levels. They will efficiently perform the required work as a team, reducing your labor costs compared to hiring only mid-level and senior developers separately.

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Checklist on how to hire a Vue.js developer

Selecting a company and finding a suitable developer from their team is a crucial step in your project journey and we understand this. To assist you in making an informed decision, we have crafted a comprehensive checklist that outlines the necessary steps:

1. Clearly define your project requirements:

  • Clearly outline the scope of your project and the specific deliverable you expect.
  • Identify the required tech stack and skill set that aligns with your project needs.
  • Determine the level of experience you are seeking in a developer (junior, mid-level, senior).

2. Assess the company’s portfolio:

  • Thoroughly examine their past projects to gain insight into their capabilities.
  • Evaluate the technologies they have utilized in their previous work.
  • Assess the composition of their teams to ensure they have the expertise you require.
  • Determine if their past projects align with your objectives.
  • Evaluate how their products fare in the market.

3. Examine client testimonials and references:

  • Request contact details of previous clients and directly reach out to them for their reviews.
  • Assess the overall satisfaction level of their previous clients to gauge their performance.
  • Ensure that they provide direct access to developers for better communication and collaboration.
  • Analyze their transparency and communication processes to ensure effective project management.
  • Confirm if they value collaboration and treat clients as partners.

4. Analyze the company’s performance history:

  • Interact directly with the developers to assess their expertise in Vue.js and other relevant technologies.
  • Verify if they have prior experience working on similar projects.
  • Evaluate their proficiency in project testing and deployment processes.

By diligently following this checklist, you can ensure that you hire a VueJS app developer from a development company that meets your specific requirements and will contribute to the overall success of your project.

Why should you hire a Vue.js developer at Solar Digital?

Our company, Solar Digital, stands out from other Vue.js development service providers.

Firstly, we have a team of professional Vue.js developers with 7 years of experience and an impressive portfolio that includes projects such as Boatscribe, Sailica, and many others developed on the Vue.js technology. The best testament to our work is our returning clients who trust us with new development projects and recommend our company to their networks.

Secondly, apart from our experience, we prioritize professionalism and security in the Vue.js developer market. We have been working with Vue.js since its early versions and possess extensive knowledge on how to create web applications and websites from scratch, as well as provide ongoing support for existing ones. We prioritize the confidentiality of our clients and sign non-disclosure agreements, ensuring the complete privacy and security of their information. Our dedication to professionalism, experience, and client satisfaction sets us apart as the ideal choice for Vue.js development services.


Finding dedicated Vue.js developers who are committed to their craft can be a challenging task. We made an effort to provide a detailed overview of what to look for when searching for such specialists. We also highlighted the benefits and market rates of hiring Vue.js developers and discussed the benefits of outsourcing to certain countries. Considering their experience, skills, and market rates, as well as exploring the benefits of outsourcing to certain countries, you can make an informed decision that best suits your project’s needs and budget. By outsourcing to an experienced company like Solar Digital, you can leverage these advantages and save costs compared to hiring full-time in-house developers.

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