Top Design Trends 2023
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Top Design Trends 2023

4.01.2023 2513

2022 is coming to an end.

But design trends are here to stay. Even more, new trends are emerging among the web design community to experiment, create and build on them. We’re definitely excited about what 2023 holds for us!

Here’s the list of upcoming 2023 design trends you might want to try out yourself.


Container Design

Container design is a trend that is gaining popularity. Its meaning is the construction of different blocks with specific information. This helps to delimit it in meaning and adds informational and visual contrast. It works great where it is necessary to reveal each meaning separately from the others and structure information in portions.

контейнер 2.jpg

Hand-Drawn Style

Hand-drawn style is a very cool trend. Its main feature is that it creates a friendly atmosphere and attracts attention like a cartoon. This style is perfect for those businesses that interact with children, teenagers, and even artists. Travel websites can also use this visual format since it is very important to convey any information or location beautifully. Hand-drawn style creates a “human factor”, increases users' moods, and evokes emotions.

контейнер 4.png

Text Gigantism

Text gigantism or large headlines is another trend that will be relevant not only next year but much longer. The main purpose of its usage is to attract the user’s attention and be stored in memory. You probably agree that our perception responds better to large symbols than to small ones.

контейнер 6.jpg

Strikethrough, Stroke, and Underline

Strikethrough, stroke, and underline are also becoming more popular as design elements that will be trending in 2023. Their main task is to highlight something important or vice versa, to cross out the unimportant, but at the same time create the effect of comparing the important and unnecessary.

контейнер 8.png

Clear Boundaries

Clear boundaries between site elements are also gradually becoming more used among designers. They will fit into projects with low visual load, such as minimalism, and form an interesting composition. Thin lines unobtrusively separate information and simplify its perception.

контейнер 10.png

Glass Textures

Usage of glass textures makes your site more elegant, ambient, and spatial. These textures

complement the meaning of visual storytelling and divide the site elements into primary and secondary ones. Hiding some element behind the glass, we interact with the user in a playful way, as if hinting that something is hidden there.

контейнер 12.png

Retro Design

Retro delivers to us that Y2K vibes of the Internet when it was only developing. This design is featured bright colors, retro font, collage, imitation paper textures, and scuffs.

контейнер 14.png

Kitsch Design (Neobrutalism)

Yes, kitsch is coming back. Pop-ups, neon colors, vigorous fonts, bold typefaces. All of these are returning to hold their position in extravagance leadership.

It’s a special year for designers who love chaotic placements and bizarre visuals that make no sense but still make people go WOW.

контейнер 16.png

Product Journey

Emotional design or product journey is another interesting trend. It lies in how the designer gradually creates a site, platform, or portal from the beginning of development to the final product. In our opinion, this trend is more aimed at the designers themselves and helps them to attract an audience, increases trust, and creates new forms of interaction with the user. I think you’ll agree that it’s exciting to see the journey your product or project has taken.

контейнер 18.png

Homepage Videos

Videos are great for diversifying the text and images of your website, adding a sweet taste to presenting yourself notably. Demonstrating a product, showing your expertise, and telling the story of your company? No other content beats video in pursuing these goals better.

контейнер 20.png

Virtual Realities (VR)

VR is rapidly growing, and as more relevant this technology continues to be, companies will adopt its features into their businesses. VR can be used in showing off the best possible angles for the products and appealing to the audience with this modern approach.

контейнер 22.png

Mobile-First Design

Mobile phones took over the world. The continuous growth of mobile traffic overtakes all others, so companies are changing their approach to design. Mobiles come first now. Designers all over the world must now consider creating responsive designs for mobile phones first and adopt them to web applications later.

контейнер 24.png

3D Elements & 3D Animations

Designers are embracing 3D elements more as they offer a new way of presenting products, and telling a story. 3D technologies let businesses create any shape imaginable and give a better user experience for customers. 3D is no longer a luxury, but an opportunity.

3D elements help to understand the product from different angles, give a deeper understanding of the business, increase user engagement and improve the emotional perception of the site. The presence of 3D elements and animations on the site does not distract the user from the main message but interact with it much better than two-dimensional (2D) objects.

контейнер 26.png

New Horizons

2022 has been a challenging but creative year. We expanded our design horizons and tried new things. Next year we want to set trends and we wish this to everyone who works in this industry. Digital art, just like real art, is limitless.

We wish you a productive 2023 with new ideas, designs, and projects. And don’t forget that we can always help you to be in trend.

See you in 2023!

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