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Coursic Mobile App

Coursic Mobile App

Design of a mobile application for a dance school

Coursic Mobile App Development

Our cooperation with the client started with the development of an LMS for his dance school. Being satisfied with the result, he also ordered the development of a UX design for a mobile application. Below, we tell you about the specifics of working on this application and share the results.


Not all school members are comfortable using the admin panel from a computer. Especially if we are talking about teachers and ordinary school students who run to classes after work. Making it easy to track learning progress and reduce lesson bookings or payments to two simple clicks was what our client wanted. We had to simplify routine processes by creating a user-friendly application.

2 (19).png


The complexity of the work was due to only two factors:

  • setting up the synchronization of the mobile application with all the data uploaded to the management system
  • the need to upload video guides with dance moves for students who missed a lesson or want to practice at home

But we have successfully coped with it! So scroll down to see the result.

3 (14).png


In addition to setting up synchronization and downloading video guides, the idea of creating a quiz arose. By answering certain questions, the user chooses a specific dance direction and exercise. Cool and convenient, isn’t it?

In addition, the goal was to make it easy to track students' progress, reschedule classes and other useful features.

4 (13).png


Our team had no restrictions when working on the project. In addition to the UX designer and project manager, the client was involved in the team. First, we developed the UX design and, after its approval, moved on to the UI part.

Our client had a clear idea of the future visual style, and we quickly picked up and implemented his idea. This greatly simplified and accelerated the work process.

6 (7).png

Final Results

As a result, the client received a handy app that is now used by almost all students and teachers at the school. It is a scheduling organizer and a video guide to the world of dance.

We spent 200 hours of our time on this work and involved two specialists.

7 (8).png
8 (3).png
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