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Coursic Web Admin Pannel

Coursic Web Admin Pannel

LMS development for a New York dance school

Web Admin Pannel for Coursic Dance School

This case study is an example of how we have automated the learning process and progress monitoring of dance school students and coaches.


Our customer, the owner of the Coursic dance school, wanted to open new establishments. However, scaling up a business becomes a difficult task without an automated process monitoring system in the company.

Therefore, the client wanted to automate the training process first to maintain the school’s quality standards.

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Our client has 14 schools in New York City that teach hundreds of people the art of dance in various styles. Their main problem was the lack of monitoring the progress of students who wanted to learn a certain dance style and teachers who wanted to improve their skills for career advancement.

Thus, the client needed to develop an LMS that would display a “map” of the success of each student and trainer, taking into account the founder’s unique teaching methodology and individual approach to each. After several unsuccessful attempts to build this system with other companies, the client contacted us, and we started working…

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We were tasked with developing an intuitive UX design for a dance school management system. The client didn’t want to overload the interface with graphic elements or animations to keep it simple and easy to use. Therefore, there was no need for UI design.


Our work began with discovery, or UX research, during which we identified the needs of all school participants together with the client. This project involved 1 project manager, 1 UX/UI designer, and the client as a product owner.

What important elements of UX design appeared in the web panel:

  • convenient tracking of learning progress, registration, class schedule and payment history — for students;
  • tracking a personal career development and training plan, monitoring class schedules, adding information about students' success and progress — for dance teachers;
  • registering newcomers, creating a class schedule, monitoring payments from students and other useful features — for administrators.
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Final Results

The Solar Digital team has created a user-friendly LMS for use by all school participants. We spent 80 hours on discovery, 250 hours on UX design, and helped the client automate and speed up their work several times over!

The next step was the development of a mobile application, which we describe in this article.

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