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PlantEco: development of the investor's personal account

PlantEco: investor's personal account

PlantEco is an international investment platform for financing sustainable circular economy projects in the EU and Eastern Europe. The company specializes in bio-economic and environmental projects, projects against climate change, CO2 emissions, and pollution. A pilot project of the PlantEco platform based on a Miscanthus x Giganteus plantation established and planted in spring 2020 with 1,500,000 rootstocks, covering 50 ha.

Project Mission

Stimulate the development of the bio-economy in the EU using investments, solving global environmental problems, and enabling investors to increase profits from their investments. Essential criteria: ease of use, withdrawal of funds, ease of purchase, constant access, a quick deposit of funds, and safety.


The company wanted to create a logo and website with a user-friendly UX and trendy UI that would clearly and visually familiarize the user with the company and the platform.

The main problem with the previous site was an unclear interface that caused the company to lose its potential customers. Site visitors couldn’t immediately understand how to start investing and didn’t understand the steps of interaction with the platform, so they lost interest and trust.


Develop a website, the purpose of which — is to introduce the customer to the company, detailing the investments and showing how to start investing in the bio-economy. Assist in projecting future earnings using “calculation of investments” as well as visually answer all the questions about the project

Create a personal investor’s cabinet with investment contracts, KYC procedures, token purchases, and blockchain integration.


Story Map & User Flow:

Story map was a tool that helped us understand the functionality of the product and its use and revealed the project’s priorities (while planning the release).

We used User Flow as a user walkthrough of the site, illustrated by a user scenario showing the order of the user’s actions for the task fulfillment. The user-friendly interface starts from the flow of the user and structure.

User Flow:

• LOGIN → Sign up/Authorization — Email — Password — Repeat password → LOGIN

• KYC PROCESS → Identification — Verification — User verified → USER ACCESSES THE IPC

• IPC ACCESS → Security — Personal data — Training — Current PEC rate — My PEC balance — Contracts

Logo & Styles:

Client’s wish:
— logo emotion — related to status, cleanliness and eco-friendliness;
— keywords: agribusiness, ecology, climate change, eco-products;
— visual: sign (symbol), original font, status line under the logo (without visual dominance), minimalism, brevity;
— system of elements: abstraction;
— colors: environmentally friendly.

Our solution: a stylized letter P + sprout as a hidden symbol of agribusiness and sustainability.


Prototyping & Design System

We paid a lot of attention to the interface design. We developed a highly detailed prototype of the screens, which helped us better understand the project at all levels. Then we created a design system of interface elements in the form of variable components, font, and color libraries, which helped us keep the entire prototyping process in a single style that accelerated the overall work.


Interesting statistics


design concepts




layout design



What really surprised me was how Solar Digital delved into the inner kitchen of our business. It was amazing to see people get interested in your idea, study it, and work with "burning eyes." They were real professionals who knew what they were doing.

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