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National Innovation Service

National Innovation Service

A non-profit organization that works with the US government

NIS: website for a public corporation

The National Innovation Service is a public benefit corporation partnered with governments to design equitable public systems from 2019-2022

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Project Mission

NIS built an agency to create public systems that are racially equitable by centering on the needs of marginalized communities.

The premise was simple:

  1. Marginalized communities know what they need from the government, and their expertise should drive change in public systems.
  2. Systems redesigned around their needs will be more effective at meeting the needs of all other communities.
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The main thing they needed help with was the homepage flow and storytelling, also make custom illustrations and graphics. They imagined the project and team pages to be quite barebones

Ideally, they’d like the homepage to include elements with some motion. They said it didn’t necessarily need to keep to the look and feel of its current brand. They needed some new elements created alongside the text treatment.

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  • Create a user path through the home page
  • Create a simple and minimalistic design
  • Develop unique branded illustrations (and their animations)
  • Develop the site in a short time

User Journey

We conducted research that helped us find out what people are looking for and expect from such projects. Based on this, we have developed the proper user journey for the main page related to the company goals.

Main (Short description of the corporation) — Reason of creation — Main issues in the public system — Organization mission — System creation history — System goal — All other projects — Plans for future

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Design and Development

Since we wanted to make the site as simple as possible, and the main message was in the text, we chose strictly but trendy colors that don’t take away users' attention.

We took simple geometric shapes and made unique illustrations, to which we added animation that suits the website’s style and brand. Some of the text we placed in geometric shapes and added a graphic that emphasizes text messages.

The website was developed on the ReadyMag platform, which considerably accelerated the work execution.

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We have created the website’s design and development in the short term. And that was appreciated by the client. The illustrations were in harmony with the website’s style and brand. The main textual messages were prominent and supported by the animation and graphics. Users and organization members liked the website.

As a result, we received good feedback and a new client-partner.

Awards & Recognition

Web Awards UA: 2d place


Solar Digital had many different skill sets, allowing them to work very quickly and collaboratively on our iterations. They were also very flexible, which can be challenging. Additionally, Solar Digital was a trustworthy partner, which was reflected in a trusted relationship. We worked on an hourly basis, so they just tracked their hours.

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