The Charterers
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The Charterers

The Charterers

The company provides consulting services in the field of shipping

The Charterers: solutions for shipping area corporate clients

The Charterers are professionals in the field of shipping. The company offers customized solutions for corporate clients. Among them: audit, chartering, and analysis of shipping systems. 

The company combines conservative departmental mechanisms with innovations and a modern understanding of global inter-functional interaction. Thus, finding the most effective solution for each client's request.



The client appeared with a request to update the site without a clear idea of the final result. Customer asked to develop an interesting and outstanding website that could characterize his activities in a non-standard way.



As far The Charterers provides shopping services and client is well-known we rejected the classes and standard options for designs but started custom website development. The website has to match clients' market image. As our project seems to be completely custom we decided to avoid the standard design approach. Moodboards, research, and competitors analysis were rejected as well as other boring analytical processes. Instead of this, we started brainstorming ideas and tracking mood and emotional reactions. That brings a vector for the project.



While searching for a design solution we provided a series of sketchy mockups to play with top design trends having in mind Readymag limitations. Choose perspective options and presented them to customers. The concept itself was great and warmly accepted. Some issues with the graphical part of the work appeared. Then we reworked the graphics adding more sense to it.

Some ideas were tremendous but not exciting. The WOW decision was needed!


The key point of the project. Some issues appeared: Graphics and design concept were great, but not matched the service and business ideology. Researching new graphical ideas brings no results. That was feeling like failure is really close. The client proposed to make a short stop in the project and wait for a while.

BUT! The design final concept for The Charterer. We selected animated references and met with the client to discuss his impressions of the different design options. That’s how we realized what was conceptually closest to his vision. This meeting solved the issue. We caught the thin thread of the author’s vision that couldn’t be expressed in the usual ToR. So the concept that seemed unpretentious but very profoundly shows the business identity built on its reputation was born. We managed to establish the authenticity of the author’s website and business model in the design.


Despite its scale, the project is unique and challenging. The main goal is to show the inner world of The Charterers' business. Though not immediately, we got into the client’s heart and received warm feedback about our work.


Awards & Recognition

Web Awards UA: 2d place


Solar Digital was result-oriented, stylish, and diligent with their work. In fact, they didn't stop editing until we were fully satisfied with their work. They also had an excellent workflow.

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