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Personal account for Domova

Personal account for Domova

Creating an interface for real estate buyers and sellers

Development of a personal account for a company in the real estate industry

Our task was to create a convenient personal account that would be intuitively easy to use for all four market participants.


DOMOVA is a startup and a one-of-a-kind project that has no analogues on the market. Its mission is to help owners of emergency housing to sell it at a favourable price to construction companies and investors who are interested in acquiring such property and territory.

As of 2021, more than 30,000 apartment buildings in Ukraine were recognised as dilapidated or in disrepair. And after the start of the full-scale invasion, this figure increased many times over, with 150,000 war-affected homes in the country. Our client is inspired by the scale of the problem and the desire to help owners of uninhabited and dilapidated property, so this project is not so much about money as about the social component.

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We were tasked with developing a branding, platform and personal account that would be easy to use for all market participants — property owners, investors, construction companies and the government, which is interested in restoring the housing stock and attracting private investment.

Since the project was a startup with no analogs, our team spent 2.5−3 months on its development, which allowed us to move in the right direction, without numerous technical changes and time delays.

By the way, in this case study, we told you more about branding and what meanings were put into the logo and how we chose the colour palette.



Our task was to create a user-friendly personal account that would be intuitively easy to use for all four market participants. The client wanted investors to easily find emergency housing for further purchase, and its owners to easily apply for the sale of the property by filling out a form.

Another request was to create a light and dark theme for the website and personal account.


The process

We have developed two convenient options for buyers to search for housing:

  • in the form of a list of objects with the ability to customize the filter parameters
  • in the form of a map, where it is convenient to move around and search for the necessary objects

Interestingly, at first the client wanted to use Google Maps for the site, but then, when we consulted him and calculated how much it would cost, the question arose of finding an alternative solution. So we suggested OpenStreetMap and, after the client approved it, we technically implemented it.

For the seller, we developed a form-based application that would also be convenient for his neighbors to view. During the implementation, we took into account all the legal complexities and tried to make the process as simple and transparent as possible.

When working on the project, we used technologies that are more expedient and profitable in terms of money and risk rationality: WordPress for the marketing website, Laravel, Vue. js, Redis, ElasticSearch, and a bunch of others for the back-end and front-end development.


The results

We have developed a modern system where we took into account dozens of different legal cases and were able to create a convenient solution for both sellers of distressed property (submitting and viewing applications, viewing detailed information on the entire building) and investors and construction companies (map/list of objects, comparison, favorites, submitting applications, viewing detailed information).

The platform has created the most transparent conditions possible. Sellers submit a request for the sale of their homes, are moderated and see anonymised requests for sale from their neighbors. Construction companies find emergency houses using a convenient search map or list.

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