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Branding and promo site development for unique real estate project

Domova | Branding, Web Design & Development

Domova helps apartment owners agree on a joint sale of the building. Users registered on the platform negotiate the sale or purchase of a residential house and receive comprehensive assistance in its resettlement.


Domova project is a startup in the real estate industry. It’s the only platform in Europe that brings together owners of apartments and non-residential premises of a worn or emergency building to sell the entire building to investors or construction companies jointly.

Our client’s goal was to assist owners of dilapidated properties in achieving profitable sales, revitalizing historic urban areas, and breathing new life into architectural landmarks. He is creating a unique investment tool that will change the real estate market and favor all its participants.

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Solar Digital was tasked with creating branding and a web platform for a unique product in its niche that would combine simplicity with functionality and inspire trust. Our client wanted the site to have a dark and light theme, contain unique graphic elements, and content managers could easily populate the news section.

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We created a brand identity that reflects the essence of this unique project and its mission. The logo is based on the idea of regeneration — the renewal of an uninhabitable house. We combined graphic and textual components that convey the essence of the project. The branding uses blue and light colors as indicators of trust and calmness, while cheerful orange symbolizes movement.

Then our team started to work on site development. Our solution presents a sleek and modern design, featuring a clean layout that prioritizes ease of navigation and user experience. Its sophisticated use of space and minimalist elements highlights the content effectively, while the subtle animations add a touch of interactivity without overwhelming the user. For a content management system (CMS) we chose WordPress.

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The result of our efforts was a compelling branding and promotional site that effectively communicates Domova’s value proposition. Through a combination of visually striking design elements, including the logo, color scheme, typography, and illustrations, we successfully conveyed the platform’s mission of facilitating collective property sales for renovation purposes.

Moreover, by highlighting the benefits for all stakeholders — involved owners, construction companies, investors, and the state — our website design underscores Domova’s role as a catalyst for revitalizing aging housing stock. Overall, the branding and promotional site positions Domova as a pioneering solution in the real estate industry, poised to drive positive change and transformation within communities.

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