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Earn Forex

Earn Forex

Largest international Forex platform development on the brokerage market

Earn Forex: Developing Custom Brokerage Platform

Case study on how Solar Digital re-developed and renovatet our clients website CMS, transfering to the new system more than 1500+ content pages, created a professional platform and redesigned the website.


EarnForex is an informational and educational platform where Forex professionals, newbie traders, and Forex trading brokers services can find useful information and tools to raise their Forex game. EarnForex provides its users with various possibilities, such as different types of calculators, Forex literature, Forex Education section, professional software, community, and full listing on Forex Broker from the exclusive EarnForex portal our team has developed for them.

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EarnForex contacted us with the following problem: their website was built with an old framework that was negatively impacting their website operation. EarnForex was facing content upload errors as the old framework was limiting them from adding new features to the website, dragging a lot of their processes down. Not to mention that they had some outdated 2014 designs that need to go through some renovation.

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EarnForex is a complex ecosystem for trading and brokerage, with tons of content and information on their website. EarnForex is not another Forex info website, but a whole system that is translated into 5 languages and has +500 pages in each of those languages. Yet, they separate databases called EarnForex Platform which is connected to the EarnForex website have their own EarnForex platform connected to the website.

To operate with such a large amount of data and features, EarnForex’s website needed some serious framework update. The main challenge for us was the fact that all the old functional and data needed to be moved to the new framework and extra features (EarnForex Platform) to be added with no loss of old content.


EarnForex website migration and renovation project required some serious planning and implementation process. That is why we have broken it down into 5 steps:

  1. Discovery
  2. Design
  3. MVP
  4. 1st Release
  5. 2nd Release
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Discovery Process

The brokerage market is a huge and complicated industry, yet our team had the task of making this complex data readable and user-friendly for our customers' websites. That is why Solar Digital did some deep business analysis and industry research to understand our clients' needs and overall tendencies with best practices in the Forex market.

As a result of the discovery process, we have identified 3 major scopes for the project:

  1. Custom brokerage portal development
  2. Redesign of the brokerage website
  3. Migration of the website content (+500 page in 5 languages each) to the new framework, website redevelopment and adding extra functionality
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At the same time as the Discovery, we have started our custom website design for EarnForex new website. Their main goals were to make their website more user-friendly and modern to boost user engagement and reduce bounce rates. We have created user-friendly redesign of both EarnForex website and EarnForex portal.

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During our MVP process, our developers team conducted the migration of the website to the new framework with all the old content and functionality the website had. Our development team has chosen the PHP Laravel, Single Page Application (SPA), Server Side Rendering (SSR) and Vue. js frameworks, which helped us optimize the website and add any new requested functionality without crashing the website or it’s old features.

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Solar Digital team has implemented some new features to the EarnForex portal, but they have not yet been released on the website for users to use. We have also created a custom, responsive admin dashboard for the website.

Our team has successfully imported all the old content and migrated the old website and its features to the new framework. We have implemented new logic for different types of Forex calculators, released the EarnForex platform, and implemented a new custom design for this Forex brokerage info website. Not to mention that we have assigned EarnForex Platform to the website, and now it has 2 sources of data on it: the website’s admin and content panel and EarnForex Platform.

Technical solutions used

Back-end solutions our team used for this Forex info website: PHP 8, Laravel 8. x, MySQL 8.0

Front-end: Vue. js, Single Page APplication (SPA) and Server Side Rendering (SSR)

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EarnForex Platform

EarnForex Platform is a unique digital solution for the Forex brokerage industry. Think of EarnForex Platform as a separate server that serves as a catalog of different brokers (like Clutch for Forex Brokers) where you can read the whole information on the broker: their rating, payment options, demo platforms, account currencies, currency pairs, account types and see other people’s reviews on the broker. This is a massive platform that saves huge amounts of data and is constantly updated.

How does this solution work?

EarnForex Platform allows users (i.e., broker representatives) to register their businesses on the platform. Users fill out the profile for their business, providing the potential customers with information on their broker agency. That was crucial for our client to have full control over the information coming to the website and to have a chance to check if the registered broker’s profile is adequate and trustworthy. Only after the EarnForex admin’s approval are those broker agency profiles allowed and transferred to the website.

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As a result of our collaboration with EarnForex we have updated their website, migrated their old content and features to the new framework, added new features, and redesigned the website. Moreover, we have created and connected the EarnForex Platform technology. The Solar Digital team continues its collaboration with EarnForex, i. e. continuing our tech and design support of the EarnForex project.

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