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Sustayn Branding

Sustayn Branding

Branding development for the sustainable development company— Sustayn

Sustayn Company: how to create an effective brand for eco friendly business

Sustayn is a sustainable eco-business that build their brand with green marketing as their main strategy. That is why they have requested our team with new eco-friendly branding. During our collaboration with Sustayn, we have identified the main goal — to create an impressive and modern branding that will surpass competitors on the saturated eco market.


Sustayn specializes in ecological agricultural goods production. The company is dedicated to developing the green economy and creating sustainable biomass supply chains. The client’s expertise lies in providing high-quality planting material for Miscanthus, which allows for the creation of highly efficient biomass plantations.

That is why it was crucial for both our client and us to create a unique eco-friendly brand that will ensure their position as an ecoactivist and sustainable company through obvious yet stylish and modern branding.

Eco Logo for eco company Sustayn | Solar Digital
Advertisement for eco company Sustayn | Solar Digital


The client is one of the companies that uses a green marketing strategy, which is why it was important to get eco-friendly branding.

Our company has taken on the challenge of creating impressive branding, as the eco-production market is rich in look-alike companies. Another challenge was that the client did not have a clear idea of what their brand should be like.


We didn’t want to come up with just another “faceless” eco-friendly brand; hence, we needed to conduct extensive research on best market practices.

Our team has prepared a comprehensive design brief for a client that helped us get a better idea of Sustayn’s vision for their new branding. As a team, we wanted to get a better idea of Sustayn’s eco values, as those would be the core of our new branding project. That is why we had a joint brainstorm, which helped us build better communication with a client.

eco branding of business letterhead for eco company Sustayn | Solar Digital
eco business card for eco company Sustayn | Solar Digital
eco logo2 for eco company Sustayn | Solar Digital

Another important step of the project was to conduct a target audience research. The challenge was to identify and analyze eco and sustainable-driven businesses that compile with the green marketing values of our client.

Those research results helped our team to come up with modern eco-friendly logo ideas.

Our team based their design on the best eco-marketing practices to create a unique logo that symbolized nature, sustainability, and the innovative approach of Sustayn.

social media_visuals_for_eco_company_Sustayn
social media2_visuals_for_eco_company_Sustayn

During the first iteration, we developed more than four different eco branding concepts. One of these concepts immediately appealed to the client, so we carried out the final fine-tuning of the style. That included branding itself, a color palette, fonts, and graphic elements that created a consistent and recognizable image for the company.



As a result our client got:

  • New branding that highlights Sustayn’s eco values and green marketing strategy
  • New eco Logo and corporate website
  • Developed business cards, custom business letterhead, and social media visuals
  • Custom eco brandbook with full branding and design info
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