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Development of an individual online store of branded clothing

Development of an individual online store of branded clothing Firusas

Firusas is a network of seventeen luxury boutiques in Vienna. The company has made a strategic decision to go online. It had plans to start with an online store for the German market, then to establish business processes and scale up to the European market along with Farfetch, Net-a-Porter, MyTheresa companies.

firusas fashion online store development

We started a partnership to develop a basic version of the online store to begin our online journey. The plans were quite ambitious. The project had to unite many third-party integrations from payment and CRM systems to services of delivery. The trick was to make a correct prototype, develop the interface and begin working on the design.

Development of an online store for branded clothing
Categories of an online store of branded clothing
Development of the main page of the online store

We made interfaces according to the modern design rules for the fashion industry. Fresh, ideological, spacious, minimalistic, with accents placed correctly, the website combines the convenience of the classical e-commerce logics and the wow-effect of the fashion world.

development of the visual style of the online store
Product page design and layout
Product page design

When we completed the interface development, the client continued cooperation and started to work with us on website development.

Online shopping cart design

After the design approval, we started to work with the technical part. We spent lot of time on configuring the database, designing all the links, fields and data structures. The project is implemented as SPA, a single page application.

Development of an online store from scratch
Development and design of a blog for an online store of branded clothing

The front-end part is separated from the back-end; they communicate with each other through the API. Front-end is implemented on vue. js. And we used the Symfony PHP framework on the back-end.

Website design, online store design
Design of pages for login, registration, checkout
development of an adaptive version of the online store
Дизайн и верстка мобильной версии интернет-магазина

After a year of cooperation, we handed over the development to the company’s in-house team. Now they are engaged in full-time development of the project on their own.

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