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Rentity.io Platform

Rentity.io Platform

Creating a UX/UI design for a real estate project

Design for the Rentity platform

Rentity is a European property management startup that fully manages the rental process. We developed the design of this platform taking into account all the client's wishes, and completed it within 2 months.

Read more about all the details of the project and its implementation 😉


A client came to us with an idea to launch a unique start-up in the real estate industry. The idea was to create a platform to help regulate the relationship between tenants and landlords and automate routine processes such as paying for housing, utilities, inspections, etc.

We liked the idea and immediately agreed to cooperate. We were the first company he turned to for help.



The client had clear wishes for the platform’s functionality, but no vision of how to systematize it all, making the interface as simple and convenient as possible.

To summarise the idea:

  • there are 2 participants on the platform — the tenant (the one who rents the property) and the landlord (the one who rents it)
  • the landlord invites the tenant to the platform to simplify and regulate routine processes — payment for housing, utility bills, etc.
  • the landlord can organise regular inspections of the property to ensure that it is not damaged
  • the tenant can call a repairman in case of equipment breakdown
  • all these processes are automated and transparent for both participants
  • the landlord pays a fee for using the service


The client provided us with a ready-made UI kit, which greatly simplified our work. Having a ready-made design concept in hand, we immediately started implementing UX features.

We used Tailwind CSS as a design system for the project. This is an open-source framework that allows you to use ready-made elements instead of building them from scratch. This approach saves time for designers and money for clients.

The platform was developed by 3 people — a UX/UI designer, an art director, and a project manager/business analyst.

Limitations of working on the project:

  • a clearly agreed budget (this is very important for a startup)
  • 2−3 months for implementation

Immediately after developing the UX/UI design, the client wanted to discuss the project with interested investors.


The result

We have developed a simple and intuitive interface for a unique project and met the agreed deadlines. The investors liked the project and went into development!

Our work was successful because:

  • the design was created from the first concept
  • we successfully systematized all the client’s ideas
  • we developed a user-friendly interface, which was then developed and shown to investors

Later, we still made minimal changes to improve the functionality. However, the most important thing is that the client was satisfied!

It took us almost 250 hours of work with the participation of 3 specialists.

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