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GARTAL Branding

GARTAL Branding

Development of branding for a company in the real estate

Branding for the Real Estate company GARTAL

Create a new visual identity for a major property company? And hit the bullseye from the first concepts?

Read below how we developed branding for a Czech company that was appreciated by all employees.


GARTAL is a Czech real estate company with an innovative approach to creating projects for comfortable living and environmental protection.
They provide comprehensive services from property selection advice to purchase financing through GARTAL mortgages, building relationships with clients on honesty and openness.


The challenge

The client’s company was striving for change. In order to keep up with the times and emphasize its advantages over competitors, it needed to redesign its corporate identity.
Previously, the company had dealt with 100 other design agencies and tried 100+ concepts. Disappointed with the results, GARTAL found our portfolio and after a detailed review, they contacted us.

logo color.png


Solar Digital was faced with a difficult task — to offer a solution that the client would be 100% satisfied with and that other companies could not offer.

Frame 2072750443.png
Frame 2072750450.png
Frame 2072750451.png
Mockup 1.png

The process

Our work on creating the branding began with a mood board, which helps our designers determine the general mood of the project. A mood board is essentially a set of colors, font pairs, icons, and pictures, based on which we form an idea of the future result for the team and the client.
We presented the finished moodboard to the customers, and they chose the option they liked. After that, the Solar Digital team started working to bring the idea to life.
The client chose orange as the main color, but asked us to find a more interesting shade. During the selection process, we found what he liked, and also developed and agreed on 7 additional colors, bright and close to pastel. We offered 5−6 variants of patterns, of which Gartal chose 2.
When creating the logo, Solar Digital designers focused on the company’s image. GARTAL is an active and experienced company that updates the city’s architecture. Our proposed logo, like the color, demonstrates energy and progressiveness. It is minimalistic but conveys the necessary meanings.

Снимок экрана 2024-04-24 в 13.02 1.png
Frame 23733565.png
Frame 23733593.png

The result

As part of our cooperation, we have developed a lot of things for GARTAL, including:

  • logotype
  • a palette of corporate colors
  • patterns
  • branded business cards for employees
  • billboard advertising in various color variations
  • banners for contextual advertising
  • design for posts and stories in social networks
  • branded clothing
  • branding for the car

During the presentation of the branding, the entire Gartal team unanimously accepted our work, supporting us with applause! They have even already presented branded merchandise as part of a promotional campaign.
Solar Digital is currently developing a new website for Gartal, preparing it for release. We will share the results of our work soon.

Frame 2072750436.png
Frame 23733586.png
Frame 23733594.png
Frame 2072750472.png

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