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Solar Digital |Custom Wordpress website development for Accounting Outsourcing Services | Torch 42

Client Torch 42 commissioned our company to develop a modern and stylish promotional website for their accounting company, which operates in both Ukraine and Poland. The goal of the project was to create a website that effectively promotes the company's services and highlights its mission, while also being user-friendly and understandable for a wide range of visitors.

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Our client, Torch 42, provides a full range of services, including accounting based on national standards, declaration and taxation, personnel accounting including orders, books, and cards, as well as military accounting. Additionally, the company offers legal consultations, contract work, and state registration.

Formerly known as Dominion, Torch 42 specializes in providing accounting, tax, and legal support services for small and medium-sized businesses in Ukraine and Poland. With its extensive experience, the company successfully serves businesses in industries such as IT, crewing, digital marketing, video production, design, and import-export.

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The task of our company was to create a one-page landing page for an accounting outsourcing business that would combine modernity, minimalism, and functionality. At the beginning of our collaboration with the client, we identified their need for a trilingual landing page to attract potential clients and showcase the services offered by the company. The client had issues with their previous website, where information was presented across different pages, which did not provide convenience for visitors. Therefore, they wanted a compact landing page that would consolidate all the necessary information about the company’s services on a single page. Additionally, we had to consider the possibility of adding new languages to the website in the future.

Our team took on the task of creating a high-converting accounting landing page that would meet all the client’s requirements. We developed a design that catches attention and ensures easy navigation so that visitors can quickly find the necessary information. We also took into account the possibility of expanding the website to new languages.

After successfully completing the project, the client received a modern, minimalist, and functional landing page that allows for effective promotion of the company’s services and attracting new clients.

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To solve the tasks set, our company went through the following stages of creating the landing page:

  • Brief preparation: We prepared a brief to gather and discuss the client’s needs and requirements.
  • Niche and competitor analysis: Our team started searching for the most effective solutions for this project. We conducted a thorough analysis of the niche and competitors and identified the best practices.
  • Project team formation: The project was handled by a team of four professionals: an art director, a designer, a project manager, and a programmer. Each team member contributed to the development of the landing page.
  • Design and client feedback adjustments: The website design was created in one iteration with minor edits. We actively communicated with the client and took their preferences into account. We used graphics and animations on the website, avoiding the use of stock images.
  • Platform selection for website creation: The website was developed using the WordPress platform by one of our designers. We tailored the development process to the client’s specific request and followed the principles of development.
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Our work involved fulfilling an order for the development of a website for the accounting company Torch 42, which operates in Ukraine and Poland. Based on discussions with the client, we identified their needs and requirements and prepared a brief for them to fill out. We successfully conducted an analysis of the niche and competitors, which helped us find the best solutions for the project. The result was the creation of a single-page landing page that attracts potential clients and showcases the services provided by the company.

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Custom Wordpress Website Development | Solar Digital
Custom Wordpress Website Development | Solar Digital
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