Branding for a shipping company 7 Ports
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7 Ports

7 Ports

Branding for a shipping company 7 Ports

Corporate identity for 7 ports

Logo and an universal corporate identity for 7 Ports, a company engaged in the supply of ships and sea transportation of raid ship.

Logo for 7 Ports Shipping Company

Logos of companies in the transportation market are similar: ships, sea waves, cargo cranes. It’s hard to catch your eye and it’s even harder to remember a company with a similar identity. The sign displays an anchor as the main element of the raid ship.

The minimalistic 7 Ports logo is a combination of an anchor and a stylized red-black number 7, which is associated with the bow of the ship.

Geometry of the 7 Ports logo

The clear geometry and conciseness of the elements symbolize the professionalism and reliability of the company.

Corporate style pattern 7 Ports

Corporate identity is the repetition of a bright logo element. The pattern is universal and easily adapts to any media.

An example of using the developed branding in Solar Digital for the company 7 Ports

7 Ports is involved in ship supply and maritime transport of raid ships. The semantic platform of branding is impeccable clarity and importance to every detail without unnecessary actions. The very qualities, which are important in shipping.

Branded pattern 7 Ports on business cards. Example 1
7 Ports corporate pattern on business cards. Example 1

7 Ports сorporate identity is versatile and easily adapts to any media.

7 Ports corporate identity

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