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The Fashionography

The Fashionography

The Fashionography website update

New website for online magazine

Every successful company knows that sometimes a fresh perspective is needed to reach new heights. For The Fashionography Creative, this perspective came in the form of a collaboration with Solar Digital

So, what made this collaboration so special? Let's delve deeper.


Imagine a world where fashion is not just clothing, but a language that tells stories. A world where beauty is not just appearance, but a reflection of inner richness. This world is embodied by The Fashionography Creative — an online magazine dedicated to global fashion, founded in the heart of New York City.

It’s the perfect resource for anyone interested in fashion, whether you’re an experienced fashion expert or just beginning to explore this sphere. The Fashionography approached us to update their website design to meet the latest standards and become more functional.

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The challenge

Even the most modern platforms sometimes face challenges. At one point, our client realized they needed a fresh perspective and a new outlook for further development.

Therefore, they started looking for professionals, and after a thorough online search, they chose Solar Digital. And not without reason. High ratings and an excellent price-quality ratio were the decisive criteria.

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Understanding the importance of quality communication with the audience, The Fashionography turned to Solar Digital. The goal was to create a new website design that would be user-friendly and emphasize the online magazine’s unique style.

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Once the task was set, our team immersed themselves fully in the project from day one. The client already had a sample website they liked, which significantly facilitated our work. We developed a new design that was approved after the first iteration. The site was created on WordPress with the involvement of 2 specialists.

Solar Digital implemented several interesting solutions for The Fashionography project, such as a custom grid on the homepage. This allowed for different blocks, including videos, regular articles, and collections, each with a unique layout. They also introduced video playback and short GIFs directly on article cards, making the content more dynamic and engaging.

Additionally, image optimization was carried out, maintaining high quality and sizes.

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The result

We have developed a new website for The Fashionography Creative. A custom grid, unique post formats, dynamic videos and gifs make the site user-friendly and interesting. Image optimization, fast page loading and responsive design ensure comfortable use of the site on any device. We also developed the Gallery section to publish photos from various shows and collections from designers.

As a result, The Fashionography Creative was delighted and plans to continue working with our team.

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