Branding for Gross Liebental
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Branding for Gross Liebental

Branding for Gross Liebental

Logo, corporate identity and branding for a residential community

Branding development for Gross Liebental

Many people have dreamed of living in a place where everything is within reach — where you can live, work, and relax without ever leaving the community. 

What if we told you such a place exists? Moreover, it's located in Odessa.

No, this isn't a joke or fantasy.

This is Gross Liebental, a unique residential complex that combines everything needed for a comfortable and happy life. This case study is about how Solar Digital created a distinctive branding that stands apart from any other.



Gross Liebental is a project by the construction company Zezman. The complex consists of three districts: a residential area, a business district, and a recreational zone for relaxation.

The goal is to create a self-sufficient residential complex that reduces the need for vertical migration, meaning the movement of people from the suburbs to the city center and back. Thanks to its complete infrastructure, residents of Gross Liebental can meet all their needs locally. This helps avoid traffic jams and reduces travel time.

2 GrossLiebental_icon.jpg


The main task was to create branding. It was necessary to develop an identity that reflects uniqueness, premium quality, but also democratic design.

4 GrossLiebental_other options.jpg


Our team performed comprehensive branding for the project. This was one of the most extensive and detailed cases we have ever done. We developed a brand book of over 100 pages, detailing a large number of different carriers.

Gross Liebental is a true Swiss village where we tried to combine the styles of Bauhaus and the Swiss school of design. This influence is even reflected in the name Gross Liebental.

What did you see? A tree? A key? An apartment layout? Or maybe the combination of the letters “G” and “L”?

Don’t worry, we won’t delve into psychoanalysis. We created an extremely playful logo — there are as many as four different symbols combined into one logo, which is rare and a great pride for us.

We created a whole series of various graphic templates for the logo. We used the oval shape, which is the basis of the logo, and unconventional colors. Our task was to ensure that the design was both elegant and democratic, suitable for different segments of society, particularly the more affluent middle class. The colors chosen were selected to appear high-quality and premium, yet also bright and friendly. From these ovals, we created a vast number of different graphic variations, providing us with complete freedom and flexibility in implementing the corporate style across different carriers. Solar Digital developed over 50 different types of corporate-style carriers, such as inflatable rings, blouses, caps, tram advertisements, business cards, envelopes, and letterheads.

We paid special attention to developing creative solutions for outdoor advertising, billboards, and digital advertising. Our design layouts for outdoor and digital advertising were designed so that the client could apply them independently without our help.

5 GrossLiebental_idea.jpg
6 GrossLiebental_branding.jpg
7 GrossLiebental_branding.jpg

The process

It’s gratifying when clients recommend us to their partners, and even more so when they return with new projects. This happened with Zezman, who, after successful cooperation, approached us to develop a concept for a new residential complex.

Weekly calls from Gross Liebental quickly became a tradition. The client insisted they occur on Friday afternoons, explaining, “Usually, some of our contractors disappoint us during the week, but you always give us a positive charge before the weekend.” Hearing such words was incredibly pleasant and motivating for our entire team.

Victor Sholoshenko, one of Ukraine’s largest and most powerful marketers, led the Gross Liebental project. He is very demanding and exacting, not easily pleased. Nevertheless, despite this, our collaboration proved exceptionally successful.

Solar Digital generated so many different interesting options that the client had the problem of choosing among them. All our calls turned into discussions where Gross Liebental simply debated among themselves. And indeed, we simply listened to arguments about which option was cooler, receiving compliments on the first, second, and tenth variants alike.

8 GrossLiebental_branding.jpg
9 GrossLiebental_Branded Items.jpg

The result

The amount of work done is impressive! Solar Digital is proud to say that we not only fulfilled all promises but also far exceeded the client’s expectations. This is a story about how we created a unique branding that is impossible to confuse with any other.

Although the project could not be fully implemented due to the war, Gross Liebental remains a vivid example of our ability to create cases we can be proud of.

10 GrossLiebental_Branded Items.jpg
11 GrossLiebental_Branded Items.jpg
12 GrossLiebental_Branded Items.jpg

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