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HIT Logistics

HIT Logistics

HIT Logistics Promo Website

HIT Logistics website design

We have developed a modern and stylish promotional responsive website for the logistics company using Webflow. Our services included creating a business website for HIT logistics, which showcases their expertise and professionalism in the logistics industry. Our team of specialists implemented an online presence by designing a landing page that meets all the client's requirements.

The development was carried out on the no-code platform Weblow.

Logistics Company Website Custom Design


Our client, the young logistics company HIT logistics, has gained a good reputation as a reliable and professional partner in the market. They specialize in international transportation, including air, sea, and rail freight, as well as providing cargo insurance and customs clearance services. The company operates worldwide, enabling them to handle shipments to any country and offer a comprehensive range of services to meet their clients' logistical needs in the best possible way.

Logistics Homepage Custom Design | Hire Designers Near Me


Our company was tasked with developing a website for the logistics company HIT logistics that would meet our client’s needs. They wanted to order a website that would attract the attention of potential clients and provide a brief overview of the services offered by the company. During our collaboration with the client, we were able to determine that they initially needed a single-page landing page that would effectively catch the attention of potential clients and provide a concise description of the services provided by the company.

It was important to create a modern and stylish website to promote the services of the client’s company. The website needed to clearly represent the services and mission of the company, while also being easy for visitors to navigate. Functionality and user-friendliness were also key factors in the development of the website to ensure it catered to a wide audience.

Best Web Design for Logistics Company

Our main task was to create a one-page landing page that combined a minimalist style with high functionality. We have paid closest attention to every element to ensure an attractive and logical design, as well as ease of use for any visitor.

Our creative team successfully completed the assigned task and developed an attractive, modern, and functional promotional website for HIT logistics. This website is capable of helping our client attract more customers and take their business to the next level.

Responsive Website Design for Your Logistics Company


Our team decided on a number of tasks for the development of a website for our client, the individual request of the HIT logistics company.

  • Briefing. First, we prepared a brief for completion, which resulted in communication with the client.
  • Finding solutions for the project. Then the team started searching for solutions that would meet the project’s needs. We carefully analyzed the niche, competitors, and best practices.
  • Team involvement. Three individuals were involved in the project development: two designers and a project manager. With the help of our team, the design was completed in one iteration with minor revisions. We took into account the client’s individual requests regarding colors, fonts, and website structure. Additionally, we created animated icons that were used on the website.
  • Website development on Webflow. We developed the website using Webflow. This tool allowed us to efficiently create a functional and visually appealing website without code, meeting all the client’s requirements.

While designing the HIT logistics website, our team drew inspiration from the beauty of the Black Sea and unforgettable sunsets on the shore. We worked diligently on the website structure to make it as user-friendly as possible. Additionally, we developed custom icons that easily demonstrate the complex processes of a logistics company’s work.

The main goal was to create a design that combines aesthetic satisfaction with functionality, so that every user of the website can enjoy not only its visual appeal but also its ease of use.

Custom icons for maritime logistics website. Hire designer near me
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As a result of the work done, a single-page landing was created for the HIT logistics company, using animation and personalized icons. This website sets our client apart in the logistics services market and attracts new customers who are interested in high-quality freight transportation. The website development order was successfully completed. Our company, Solar Digital, was pleased to cooperate with HIT logistics and proudly present this case as part of our extensive portfolio.

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