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Branding of a multi-vendor platform from Canada

Branding of a multi-vendor platform from Canada indiGem

indiGem is a multi-vendor platform in Canada. Here, manufacturers of copyright jewellery can create their stores to sell their products. At the same time, indiGem organizes exhibitions throughout Canada and releases jewellery independently.

There have been two conditions. First: we had to use the arrowhead image. Second: ethnic motives, the company was selling jewellery of various nations. The logo was supposed to combine all the ornaments variety, being both primitive and masterly executed at the same time.

Icons - creation and development
logo design at Solar Digital

The new indiGem logo is a contour that can have any meaning. Each appearance of the company becomes individual, whether it is an exhibition, a poster or a promotional video.

We went through a significant number of options with the client, from simple to the brightest. To understand the essence: one variant will always be not enough for such a creative company.

logo creation development
logo concepts for the company
Custom logo animation

We added a line similar to a cardiogram to the indiGem corporate identity in addition to the logo. It symbolizes both the time pulse and the rough processing of jewellery.

create logo Solar Digital
Turnkey style creation
indiGem logo concept
order logo design
order the development of a logo and website

Having finished work on the logo, we started a new round of indiGem development: creating a website for the marketplace.

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Solar Digital uses their knowledge of the current technology trends and integrates it into their design approach. They are an adaptable team with strong communication skills. Customers can expect a skilled, detail-oriented, and attentive partner.

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