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Development of a social web platform for parents

Kidventica — development of an integrated website for parents

Kidventica is a portal for parents where you can easily find the necessary information about child care facilities, be useful to each other, and simplify vacation and education planning for your children. The startup goal is to be the best assistant in all matters that may appear in a family with children.

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The founders of the project came to SOLAR Digital with their pain. It was very difficult to find good activities for a child, proven schools of early learning or sports sections timetables. Especially when you were searching for something suitable near your home. And also with a decent rating and positive reviews from other parents. To solve this issue, Kidventica, a community of caring parents, was created.

Corporate identity development

First of all, we started to work on branding and developed a logotype. After the name and logo approval, we gathered several focus groups and bombarded parents with the questions. It was both live communication and online polls. After that, we have been analysing what was wrong with the fragmented and partially working solutions that already existed at that time. Having collected enough information, we started designing the interface and prototyping.

Website creation with business immersion

The main feature of the first version of the startup (MVP) was a flexible search for various types of children’s events. With a convenient category list, the choice of the child’s age and other significant parameters.

Full website development

All events are displayed on a single calendar of the city.

Website production

An interactive map, on which all city institutions for children are represented, has also become the notable project feature. Here you can scale a specific area and filter out companies within a radius of XX meters around your home.
In addition to the design and software development of the entire startup, our team was engaged in its content and promotion. Until the moment the founders have decided to pause the project.

Website creation and development

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They developed the platform really quickly, and have added over 450 businesses to the database and 1,000 one-time events to the calendar so far. Their ideas and 24/7 availability are incredibly valuable, although their true expertise lies in UI/UX.

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