Development of the MVP version of Sailica — online yacht booking system
To find a great yacht for rent becomes sometimes a real challenge. That’s why we have created Sailica , users friendly interface for booking weekly charters around the world. Minimalistic design, focused on details, maximum space and fresh air — just like on the sea in real life. We made a wide research of target audience, logo and branding and currently have launched MVP version of Sailica.

Yacht catalog

Detailed information about available yachts on every popular point on the globe. Smart filters make the process of finding perfect match real smooth.

Catalog table view
Catalog tile view

Yacht page

All the actual data, big photos, and full equipment information — everything the skipper needs to make a perfect choice and to create instant booking request.


We have presented many useful information with the help of icons to minimize the text and give more space on the pages.

Filter elements

Smart filtering helps to work with a lot of data requests. That’s why we’ve created simple and smart filters.

Sailica on the run

To ensure that Sailica is always at hand, we came up with an easy adaptive version for mobile devices. An elegantly executed mobile version will open on any gadget and will help you to select a boat and send quick request.

Sailica app is coming soon